Artist are trying to go beyond painting an image of some sort on a canvas. And an artist named Darren Pearson has done exactly that! Take a look:

fly my pretties (Photo: Darius Twin via Flickr)

You might be asking yourself what editing program did he use to make that image on the computer? None. Darren Pearson, who’s nickname is Darius Twin, decided to get creative and free-handed that cool looking image using, wait for it; mini flashlights!  How?! Here’s how: He draws in the air with the flashlight in a dark or semi-dark setting, and sets his camera to a shutter speed that last several seconds.  Within those seconds,  the camera captures the light like a brushstroke on canvas. When the shutter closes, the final product is the image created by light. Note: The normal point-and-shoot cameras won’t work when trying to create that effect due the speed of the lens.

Still scratching your head?

The artist himself explains the following in this video:

Haunted (Photo: Darius Twin via Flickr)

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