Man cannot live without football. That is, Trent Glaze can’t. Trent Glaze hopes to be a football coach, he also wants to be able to play, but due to muscular dystrophy he is confined to a wheelchair. However, that was not going to hold him back from playing his favorite sport. It was his opportunity to shine.

WBNS-TV, has the rest of the story:

Glaze dreamed of getting on the field one day, but muscular dystrophy placed him in a wheelchair the last 10 years, 10TV’s Justin Moss reported.

After the clock ran out Friday against Teays Valley, both took the field for one final play.

“I was thinking, ‘Man, it’s going to happen,'” Glaze said.  “I didn’t think it would.”

“Big T,” as his teammates call him, ran the play, called a 29 sweep.

“(I) got the ball and ran it in the end zone, got a touchdown,” Glaze said.

McCurdy called the touchdown one of his greatest moments in 33 years of coaching.

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