Calvary cross


God has done a lot of amazing things in my life. He continues too. He never fails to amaze me, and at times, it’s very overwhelming. God is just out of this world. However, it’s easy to get side-tracked, and forget. When things are good in life I forget about what God has done in my life, and when things are bad, I start looking for God again. It shouldn’t be like that though. But it happens. A couple of Sundays ago during worship time, one of the songs that was song had a message that spoke clear to me. It said that at times we may forget, but the solution is to go back to cross where everything started. That rang true to me. Go back to the cross where everything started.


We might distract ourselves, forget, and drift off from God’s will, but if we continue to remind ourselves of what occurred on that cross, and set our eyes on God, we won’t forget. Jesus Christ paid a great price for us, and we should always remember that. That is why, going back to the cross is way to reaffirm one’s self in God, not God is us, because God is always with us. God has done great things in the lives of his children, and it all started at the cross. If find yourself forgetting/drifting off, go back to the cross and keep moving forward. It’s a simple solution. It works for me. Blessings!

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