Our society has evolved into a state of mind that outside beauty matters the most. Our idea of a perfect person to be in relationship with is what we see in those vanity magazines in our local grocery store. Character no long matters. Faith no longer matters. All that matters is the “He’s hot/She’s hot” criteria. However, there are those who are tying to show the world that outside beauty isn’t everything.

Take Alex Eklund, for example, it all started by a Facebook status “I’d rather have a Proverbs 31 woman than a Victoria’s Secret Model.“, said Alex Eklund. Since then, it has become a movement that has made a big impact in showing others that beauty is not everything.

Alex Eklund explains more below:

Read Proverbs 31

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Their website: Here

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  1. Heidi Heard says:

    am glad to see that there are Christian men who understand why God’s standard for relationships should be the “bar” for excellence of character, not the fashion magazines! well done.

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