It seems that faith and anything God-related is used as a comedy bit for shows these days. I find myself being excited by new television shows that are starting up, and when the day comes to watch the new show, sometimes these shows open up with a roast-fest on faith. Nonstop blasphemy. I lose interest right away. I don’t get offended by it, but it’s not funny. I find it lame. Not everything in life can be turned into a joke. I don’t hear anyone ever making a joke about cancer, so why can’t there be the same respect for faith and God-related things? Our nation is in deep [Word Omitted], and it’s because we are turning away from God, faith, and family. The very things I see being made fun of. Shows like Modern Family, disgust me. It’s an attack on family values. I don’t find the humor in these type of shows. Our society is evolving into a generation that mocks God, faith, and family. Oh, and church attendance. Can’t forget that. That’s a punchline for comedy shows. Little do they know, those very things they make fun of are the very things that make America — America. They continue to rail against, mock, and in deluge in blasphemous behavior. However, I know I’m going to have the last laugh.

I might just stick to news for now on or might not even turn the TV on ever again. Less energy usage, I’ll be HELPING MOTHER EARTH!


  1. voorheesfamily says:

    I don’t find humor in any of those things either…in fact, I have ALWAYS hated distasteful humor…you know, if it’s NOT nice, then, don’t make a joke…and I get tired hearing, but it’s JUST a joke. Well, to ME, if you’re making fun of something, and it’s not nice, then, it’s NOT funny. So, Jan, as always, you’re right on target! (btw, I don’t like Target…lol)

  2. meinwords says:

    I feel the same way. Everything is flat-out disgusting when it comes to the insults and attacks upon Christianity. I believe persecution will grow as social issues become more oppositional, especially through the biased media.

    • According To Jan says:

      Westboro Baptist Church… Those people who holds signs that read “Thank God for 9/11” and “God Hates America” and “Thanks God for Aids” and “God Hates Fags”, those so called followers of Christ? I rather not say what I think about them.

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