Attacks on Nativity scenes. Being politically correct saying, “Happy Holidays.” Calling the evergreen tree “Holiday Tree.” Buying the hottest gifts – Materialism. Christ taken out of Christmas. Is that what Christmas has become? Our society no longer knows what Christmas is all about. Christmas Day is approaching, and I should be writing something joyous, but I need to say the truth, and truth is that Christmas has become a celebration of crazy sales, and perfect time to release horror movies titled ‘The Darkest Hour‘. I hate to be a downer, but someone has to say it.


Worldly idealism will dismiss this, but I am going to make it loud and clear, Christ is the reason for the season. Christmas is a celebration of unconditional love. A gift that was given to the world by the grace of God through Jesus Christ. The birth of Jesus Christ was the moment where the divide between God and man was drawing near to an end. How glorious! Christmas is not Christmas without Christ, because Christmas is a celebration of love, and the birth of Jesus Christ was that act of love. True gifts are not the ones wrapped with decorative wrapping paper under the Christmas Tree; true gifts are acts of unconditional love.


Our economy might suck. Our government may be corrupt. Our nation’s debt may make our eyes bleed. We may have a president who has horrible policies, and lacks in leadership. Society may (Ok, Jan… don’t be such a Uncle Scrooge, we get it.) be in moral turmoil. However, we have unconditional love. And that is all that matters. Merry Christmas. God Bless You, and I hope that you spread Christmas cheer, in other words, spread unconditional love. Merry Christmas!


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