It’s only a week into the new year, and so far, it’s been amazing. I believe God is going to do a lot with me this year. Same goes with you. That is why we need to focus, and set our eyes onto his vision for us. I’m not one for the “New Year Resolution” criteria, because honestly, those resolutions we set up never bring change. We try to change something about ourselves every year, however, we fail to do so.  Human effort brings no change. That is why I don’t do the new year resolution thing. You might be feeling the same way, so how about a “Personal Revolution?” Revolutionize the way you act, think, and live your daily life. Put a pinch of God in your life, in fact, more than a pinch. Want actual change this year? God is your solution. Don’t be idle. Don’t wait. Don’t procrastinate. God does not waste time, neither should you. True change is found in Christ, so get busy. Forget “New Year Resolutions,” and have yourself a “Personal Revolution.”


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