Screen Shot taken from Seminole County Website

Government infringement just continues to get bigger-and-bigger by each passing day… both federal and local government. For example, I just found out that my county (Seminole County, FL.) now requires that domestic house pets like dogs or cats must be registered, in other words, you must obtain a pet license for your furry little friend. According to my counties website the licensing fees range from six to eleven dollars annually $6 for sterilized (spayed or neutered) animals and $11 for non-sterilized animals. I have a cat, named Fufi by the way, and she’s sterilized, so that means I have to pay six dollars annually to my local county just to have a house cat live in my residence legally. Why should my county officials ask such a thing? Leave my house pet alone.

I have not registered my cat, nor will I, so now I have an illegal cat residing in my household. Garbage law. Seriously, what next… a law that requires me to give monthly report of how many hours of sleep I get to a health advisory board? Wouldn’t be surprised if that were to actually happen.

Taking money out of our pockets that’s all… I feel bad for my neighbor though who has 8 animals… six cats, and two dogs. Both dogs are not sterilized, which is a $11 fee, so 11 × 2 = 22. Twenty-two dollars for the dog licenses. Five out of the six cats are not sterilized, so that’s a $11 fee as well, so $11 × 5 = 55 /–/ 55 + 1 sterilized cat = 61. Total animal license fee: $83 annually. Ridiculous, right? If animal adoption declines in my area, I blame this law. What would you do if this law were to be placed in your area of residence?

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