A Life of Carnival Mirrors

Have you ever been to a carnival where they had those funny looking mirrors that made you all funny looking? Big, skinny, tall, small; your image was morphed into something totally different from your real image. These mirrors distort our true image; therefore, we are no longer ourselves. Where am I trying to get at? In life, we have those mirrors, we distort our true image with something false, whether it may be posing as someone else or living in a lifestyle that we are not meant to live or masking ourselves with a false identity. Finding our identity or true-self is like finding a needle in a haystack, it can take forever. At times it feels impossible, so we often have the desire to give up, and just go day-by-day living life without knowing our true-self.

In my life, I had a particular mirror that really distorted my true-image, the way I thought, and the way I looked at things, particularly woman. It distorted everything of who I was, and it morphed me into a different person. That particular mirror was pornography — it didn’t turn me into something funny-looking — it turned me into a sexually crazed man. Everything about me changed. My thoughts were no longer for God, but for sex and naked women. My desires weren’t for righteous things, but unrighteous things like hardcore porn. The things I saw were horrifying! My porn addiction distorted who I was; I lost my true-self. However, because of love, that all changed. The Lord reminded me that He created me in His image, so for me to get back to my true-self, I must go back to Him. And I did, and reconnected with Him and my true-self. And by doing so, I was able to take the steps to recover from my pornography addiction like telling my parents and then telling my youth leaders, and much more.

I found my true-self in the Lord, and that is how you will find who you truly are. We spend all our life searching and we fall short on finding a glimpse of who we are. But remember these words “I am the way and the truth and the life.” (John 14:6, NIV) We find our true-self in Christ; he breaks the false mirrors in our lives, and reveals to us our true and only identity. It might be a hard needle to find, but once found, everything changes. Seek him, and you’ll find youself.

You’re a growing seed, that will sprout from underneath and become a radiant flower. A flower that is elegant and beautiful. A heavenly flower is what you are. — Jan S. Baez


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