Poverty: The state of having little or no money, goods, or means of support. Poverty is a big issue to many, some believe that our government should do more to fight poverty, meaning more government assistance – Welfare. With all the welfare programs in place to provide assistance for those in need, where our U.S government spends more money in welfare than on defense, law enforcement, education, and transportation,[1] we still have an issue with poverty and low-income communities in the United States. It must come to mind that welfare is a poor way of helping out the poor.


Children fatherless and single mothers is linked to the ever-growing dependence on welfare, and results in a marriage decline in the United States. 80 percent of long-term poverty is in single-parent households. [2] Why get married when you can get more aid by being a single parent and have more children just to get additional aid?! More babies = more DINERO!


  • Welfare is supposed to be temporary.
  • People start depending on the government to make a living.
  • Welfare becomes an incentive to stop looking for work.
  • It becomes unfair to American workers.
  • Welfare – Short-term – Not long-term.
  • Welfare does not stop poverty.
  • Almost 16 trillion dollars has been spent since the War on Poverty began in 1964.

In this video you will see how welfare does not improve low-income communities, but only makes them worse, and how individuals who don’t receive government assistance thrive better than those who do receive. I recommend skipping to 26:50min unless you desire to watch the whole thing.

With all the Welfare Programs in the United States, you would think poverty would have been dealt with by now, but that is not the case, and truthfully, you cannot end poverty. There will always be poor individuals. But what is being poor and are the poor really that poor? It’s not having the latest “Smart Phone” or not having the “Hollywood Lifestyle“. Not everyone can have a nice house, a luxury car, and designer clothes. In a way, poor people in the United States are kinda doing well, because most of them have a roof over their heads and are able to have a meal, even though their lacking in material goods.  When I think of material goods, the question arises: Have we become too materialistic that we think when we have less material we are poor? Ask yourself that. I believe that God allows poverty in the world for those who have a lot to become humble so out of their heart they give to those in need. Charity comes from the individual not the government; the U.S government should encourage its citizens, private charities, and churches to help their fellow Americans. Love thy neighbor anyone? We shouldn’t create a system of forceful redistribution of wealth programs and take from the hard-working American citizens, that is not charity, and it creates more poverty. Nevertheless, the government is already doing enough to deal with poverty, but are you doing something to help the cause? Give a little. God loves a cheerful giver!

God created us for community and it is when we are in a community of unconditional love — which is God’s nature — that we begin to thrive and become the best we can be! — XXXChurch

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