“There’s Always a Lesson to be Learned”

You probably have heard this phrase before maybe from your parents or grandparents or from those child educational shows you might have watched. If you have heard this phrase, great, and if not, now you have. There is a lot of truth in that phrase, and I have realized that firsthand in a recent event that has occurred in my life. Not too long ago, I injured my hand with a sharp piece of glass that punctured my skin deep enough that I cut one my tendons and damaged another one to the point where it could break apart at any given time. Of course I got surgery, and at the end everything turned out great — Glory To God! What’s the lesson to be learned you ask? Well, me being a person who is very independent wanting to do almost everything on my own, denying all helpful hands that willingly desired to help, I’ve learned to accept that help. I’ve been in a splint for a couple of days now, and I have to wear it for six weeks, so you can assume that I won’t be able to use my hand for a while–no movementno usage. To make matters worse, I’m right-handed, and the injured hand is my right hand, so you can imagine how hard and uncomfortable things have been for me. Needless to say, I have learned to accept help, because now I need a good amount of help for most things as my hand heals. I have learned that at times we need help, and that accepting help is not a bad thing, nor does it change my strength in being an independent individual. I’m always going to be a very independent, but when I need help, I’ll accept the helpful hand that offers to help. Note: I typed this with my left hand

The lesson learned: Accept help!

“Sometimes, accepting help is harder than offering it.”


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