Sex… Such a beautiful and wonderful act that God has created for man and woman in the boundaries of marriage. Where man and woman can passionately express their love for each other with their physical body and become one flesh. It  allows them to procreate — to bring God’s creation into the world. God’s vision for a married couple. But… one night stands, casual sex, orgies, pornography, etc., seems to be the vision for many out in the world who don’t know God’s true intention/vision for sexuality. The wrong vision for sex is thrown at us everyday day, 24/7. Mostly on television shows like ‘Sex In The City’ or ‘Desperate Housewives’ that give off a message that simply states “Who gives a frack about the consequences just go have sex. It’s just sex!” We are always given that message. And those who disagree with the worldly idealism are labeled as ‘forty year old virgins’, or ‘Bible thumpers’ who hate sex. I’m a follower of Christ, and I can’t wait to experience sex with the one girl I am going to spend the rest of my life with.

The church shouldn’t be shy on the topic of sex. However, there are those with their immaturity who believe that the church shouldn’t speak out on such a topic. Why not? We share God vision for His kingdom, we share God’s vision for the world, but why not share His vision for sexuality? I understand that ultimately the responsibility belongs to the parents and individuals. But I believe the church should pitch in on giving our society a correct and pure vision for sexuality — God vision. . What do you think?



  1. jenundressed says:

    I think you’re meeting this issued with an elevated thought process. However, I don’t think we should reserve sex education to church and parents. It’s an educational issue, not a spiritual one. And in working in behavioral health, it is astounding how poorly equipped some parents are to discuss these topics. As an expansion of the sciences, this should be a part of curriculum. Are we doing a poor job of it now? Yes, but parents are also currently involved in the education of the youth on this topic and are also responsible for it failing. I support your view but with an expanded perspective to include public education. Lest us not forget, not all youth are involved in religious organizations. Additionally, many countries that have expansive sex education have far fewer unplanned pregnancies and STD transmission.

    • According To Jan says:

      I never wrote in my post that ‘sex education’ should be reserved for the church. I said that within church congregations, teachers, pastors, etc,. should not be shy to talk about sexuality to its members. The church needs to talk about sexuality when it comes to sharing the spiritual and educational side of it.

      It’s both an educational and spiritual issue. The spiritual side of sex education is that God created sex for a man and woman after natural marriage, and to procreate. We cannot leave out God’s vision for sexuality. And honestly, our educational system needs to give credit where credit is due — God created sex, so God’s vision for sexuality needs to be shared to all. This is not about pushing religious idealism, and quite frankly, this is not about religion either. This is about sharing the complete truth about sex education, not “half-truths.” We need to teach the spiritual and education side of sexuality. As for the schools lack of giving a steady curriculum on sex… I think schools should sit down with parents and set up a curriculum together that includes the spiritual side of sex, and then the educational side, which is, safe sex, STDs, and the like. That way parents are involved when it comes to their kids learning about sex. It will not only provoke a dialogue at home, but it will also keep the schools in check, not just pass out condoms to kids like some schools do. Needless to say, I understand what you’re saying, but I believe it’s both an educational and spiritual issue.

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