I lost my religion a while ago. It did me no good. Religion in general is full of ideas that are outrageous, none of them make any sense. Just like Atheists’ idea that humans evolved from apes.  Religion never gave me hope… it left me saying “What’s the point? I’m going to burn in hell anyways. Might as well call in, and reserve a room in hell next to a stripper.” How hot do you think it is in the supposed underworld? No point on trying to please a god who is just going to send me to hell anyways, because I can’t stay sinless until “Judgement Day.”

There is a reason why Atheist make fun of the religious masses — religion spews out ridiculous stuff.  Atheism does too. Their a religion as well — a religion of nothingness. Our mind is a powerful thing. We can come up with anything, and turn an idea into something big, e.g., religion. Big enough that many will follow that intriguing idea. Religion uses words or ideas that appeal to your emotions—your fears, your loves, your hates—rather than to your reason/sound spiritual mindset. That is why we have so many religions in this world of ours. Our idea of God, and life, has been based on feelings, rather than what God has told us in the Bible. The Bible was not inspired by man, but by God through man. The writers of the Bible were simply puppets used by God. If God were able to use a pen I’m sure he would’ve wrote it himself. God gave us that Holy Book as guide/understanding of life. A guide onto living a pretty awesome life. However, us being imperfect stubborn human beings we have taken the Bible out of context, added ideas into it, and have swayed away into false theology set by man.

These days it seems that people read into the Bible with preconceived ideas than reading out of the Bible. The Bible is a sound doctrine. However, we make it unsound, resulting in a cluster of emotionally appealing ideas…  If only we rid ourselves from all the worldly ideas, and allow God to reveal to us in a personal level what he has been trying to tell His creation for the longest of time. You see, that is what I did. I pushed religion away, I pushed man’s opinions/ideas away, and embarked on an adventure where God found me.  I discovered grace and unconditional love, I found truth, because I found Christ in my life. I decided to walk on the cross towards God instead of walking on the path set by man that leads to nowhere, because only through Christ is one able to connect with God. What should you get out of this? Simple, all truth is found in Christ. Everything else is a lie set by man.

A half-truth is a whole lie.” — Edwin Louis Cole



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