Picture yourself driving, and all of a sudden you lose control of your vehicle, and start drifting. You try to gain control, but you can’t. Therefore, you prepare yourself for possible impact and injury. Well, that’s what has happened to me for the past few weeks personally in my life. I lost control, and I have drifted around widely. Not focusing, distracted, and surrendering to my carnal desires instead of surrendering to the way of the spirit. You’ve probably been wondering why I have not written anything in a while, and I do apologize, but like I said I’ve been distracted. But no more!

When I was lost and spiritually dead, I was the one driving my life, and I crashed, and kept crashing. I was driving in the wrong direction. However, when Jesus Christ came into my life, I gave him the wheel to guide me. I decided to stop doing my way, and decided to do God’s way through Jesus Christ. He turned me around, and led me down the path God created for me to drive on. You see, I’m a terrible driver when it comes to navigating through life, but Jesus Christ is not. He’s a pro. And when I allow him to take the wheel, I’m not drifting around crashing into things. Life is good when Christ is in control. However, the moment I push Christ away and take control of the wheel, yeah… it never ends well. Which is what has been going on with me lately — I decided to take the wheel, and all I’ve done is spin out of control. Thankfully, God slapped me a couple of times to snap out of it, and I’ve let Christ retake the wheel. I’m focusing, no longer distracted, and reigning in life. Let Christ Jesus take the wheel of your life. He’s the ultimate driver.


3 thoughts on “JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL

  1. Amy Daniel says:

    Coincidentally, I just learned the song “Jesus Take the Wheel.” Hmm…maybe God is trying to tell me something? (JK) I can relate!

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