Floaty, dreamy, hazy, is that heaven?

Perfect hair, people laying in clouds, angelic voices singing. Is that heaven?

Where is heaven?

What is heaven?

Who is going to heaven?

When is heaven going to happen?

It is time to question what religion has fabricated into our minds about heaven. We have allowed religion to take the idea of heaven out of context to such a degree that it seems that the only way of heaven becoming a reality is when you or I die; for those who are saved, of course.

There are lessons and church presentations about heaven that primarily focus on who will be there and who won’t be there.

The theological conversations on the subject of heaven have been so distorted. We allow ourselves to let our imagination run wild, and we take things out of context. We have taken the paint brush away from God, and in doing so, we are painting different pictures. That is what we have done with the idea of heaven. We speak of heaven as a future concept instead of a present reality.

It is important to bring the conversation of heaven back to biblical context. There will be opinions, and preconceived view points, but context-is-context; the bible speaks for itself. Why is it important to have a right understanding of heaven? How we think of heaven directly affects how we understand what we do with our life, that’s why.

What we say.

What we create.

Who we help.

Who we love.

It impacts the world, because by understanding what heaven is, we understand what God wants out of this world, and how we are involved in His plans. If you believe that heaven is about leaving and evacuating from earth to somewhere else, then why do anything about this world and for the people in it? And no I’m not talking about the myth that we can create this perfect world, but believing that God has not abandoned us, and is actively at work in the course of human events and in the affairs of men; taking it somewhere. A different realm where there are different standards besides what we have created here on earth – a realm where the supernatural governs the natural – where the unattainable through natural efforts is now attainable through spirituality.

Heaven is not a future concept, it’s a present reality.


Author’s note:

This is the introduction to a three-part series that will be posted on my site every Monday for the month of July. Will be going into biblical detail, so be ready to take notes for your own study time. Do not read, but study this series. Please. Also, share this with your friends, social networks; anywhere…everywhere!


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