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Life is a pulsing, progressing, evolving, dynamic, reality in which tomorrow will not be a repeat of today.  It’s continuous. A day begins, and it ends. A year ends, and a new one begins. However, what is the Bible refereeing to when it talks about this world to come?

“End of the age” – “Age to come” – “Entering life”

It’s simply a story of movement,

from one place to the next,

from one realm to another,

from death to life,

complete spirituality,

supernatural governs the natural,

Heaven and Earth become one,

eternal life.

Heaven is simply living in partnership with God, leaving your former way of life behind, and entering heaven – entering life. (Ephesians 4:22-24) New day. A new age. A new era.

Heaven is not about marching endlessly into a future concept in our measurement of time, like days and years. Heaven is about belonging to another realm altogether transcending time; the Kingdom of God, with the cross as the bridge to this new life, and new world.

A new world where religiosity,  humanistic boundaries,  and the “eye for an eye” mentality, have no soil to grow. Love, peace, joy, and other spiritual fruits will be the reality of this new world. However, not everyone will be part of this new world, because not everyone will be open to embrace it. Just look at the world; God’s idea of a new world has not been embraced, in both the secular and religious masses, especially in the religious masses, because we treat the idea of heaven not only as a future concept, also as an escape vehicle away from the world to this dreamy paradise.

The funny thing is,

there will be no escaping this world.

We are here to manifest God’s new world…

God is less concerned about getting us out of this place and more concerned about heaven crashing down into this place.” – Jefferson Bethke

To be continued in part 2.

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