Christianity has done an excellent job on pointing out what’s wrong in the world or in people, but they haven’t done a good job in pointing out the good. You see, throughout the first chapter of Genesis God kept saying everything that He created was not just good, but very good. You and I are good. Everything that God created is GOOD! You are not a mistake, but rather a perfectly created puzzle that is meant to fit in the grand puzzle of humanity to continue God’s plan for the greater good. Despite all the bad currently in the world, God’s original words “very good” still are true to this day. God wants us to redeem all the goodness in the world. The good in culture. The good in music. The good in technology. The good in entertainment. The good in everything, because everything He has created is good, and you are included in that declaration.  You are created with purpose. You are beautiful. You are amazing. All of you is good, and all that you are is meant to be for the good of others. You’re not a curse, but a blessing in this world. God is pleased with you, because in His eyes you are “very good.”

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good...” — Genesis 1:31


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