I’ve been reflecting on this sermon from Chris Durso all day, so I thought I’d share it with all of you for today’s HDT:

“We live in a Gotham where there are already too many inconsistent heroes. We live in a city where people over promise what they’re willing to do, but catch them on the wrong day, they have already checked out. See, real heroes, real misfits, real Christians, real Christ followers, they don’t pick and choose when they help nor do they allow a circumstance to dictate their level of commitment. We choose to live a life that most people say they don’t want to live. But we know that we’re called to this, and because of His grace we are able to make it. This is why we carry our cross daily, and daily allowing our cross to carry us through. Each and every one of us are called to live a selfless life. Not making it about us, not making it about how many followers we can gain on Twitter or Instagram but making it about how many followers can be added to the Kingdom. Not for our sake, but for the name of Jesus Christ.

I am praying and I am hoping that today you will be consistent in your faith. Please allow me to expose to you from the onset, from the very beginning, if you are doing this thing for applause or accolades then you are in it from the wrong reason. Why? Because the bible clearly states that all glory, all honor, does not belong to us, it all belongs to Jesus Christ. So when you enter in this thing be sure that you know, that you understand, and that you are okay with knowing that all the work may be done by you but all the praise and thank you’s belong to Him.

A misfit is one who’s uncomfortable with his or her surroundings and is seen to be disturbingly different than others. And as misfits one of our greatest discomforts is inconsistency amongst our peers. No matter what happens we remain full of character and integrity without ceasing, without stopping, why? Because we realize that this is more than a fad, or a trendy term, or a t-shirt. This is a lifestyle, and it is a commitment to God. And as misfits living under the mandate of Jesus Christ, we do not take our commitments lightly. Our yes, is yes. And our no, is no.”






Love rids of fear.
Love heals wounds.
Love doesn’t doubt.
Love doesn’t have walls.
Love seeks affection.
Love seeks connection.
Love communicates.
Love respects.
Love leads to obedience.
Love is patient.
True love has no conditions.
Love flows relentlessly.
Love is compassionate.
Love is understanding.
Love listens.
Love fixes.
Love is not selfish.
Love does no harm.
Love does not seeks excuses but solutions.
Love sacrifices.

God is love, and He loves you greatly.



Madness by its definition is “the state of being mentally ill.” This world is going mad! There is so much illness – emotional illness, relational illness, communicational illness; illness is rapid, and people are going mad. When will the madness end?

Hate being dealt with more hate.

Violence being dealt with violence.

Slanderous conversations and gossip than wholesome conversations of grace and love.

Jealousy than being content.

Envying and seeking to disrupt rather than being happy for others.

Vague emotions.

Vague conversations.

Vague intentions.

Vague relationships and friendships.

Separation of couples being celebrated rather than celebrating the union of two people who love each other unconditionally.

People satisfying their sexual appetite with multiple people rather than finding one partner to truly celebrate the beauty and pureness of sex within the confines of marriage.

Political discourse rather than respecting a difference in opinion.

Different cultures trying to trample each other rather than becoming a melting pot.

When will the madness end?…




Why wait to do something later when you can do it now? I don’t know how many times I was told that in my lifetime. I was the king of procrastination! I’m a guy full of ideas and plans, but I kept saying to myself “I’ll do it later.” It was a problem that kept me from reaching my goals and achieving my dreams, and unfortunately this is a common problem, so it got me thinking… what is it that you want to do, but you find yourself saying “I’ll do it later?” I’ll ask you the same question that I was asked, why wait to do something later when you can do it now? Don’t say later to your dreams. Don’t say later to help someone. Don’t say later to love someone. Do everything at the moment that you can, because you never know if you’ll have the moment to do it later. Do what you want to do NOW.