Tired of religious indoctrination, Jan Sebastian Baez went on a life changing adventure for biblical context which later inspired him to write his first book at the age of sixteen titled “The Spiritual Adventure: Discovering The Sound Doctrine.” This book is for seekers, skeptics, and all individuals to join the conversation regarding faith, because at the end, we are all striving to find purpose and meaning in this world of ours.

Book Description:

“What if I tell you there is no such thing as a fiery underworld called Hell…

What if I tell you that the Second Coming of Christ is not a physical return after all, and it already happened…

What if I tell you there that the red monster called the Devil is a myth…

What if I tell you that Jesus Christ came to free us from religion…

Well, that’s the thing, I’m not the one saying it… “Crazy!” If you must call me crazy. The Bible says all these things, but due to our preconceived ideas and taking the Holy Bible out of context; our minds have been fogged from the realities and truths within God’s word. Resulting in a Unsound Doctrine. But no more…It’s time to let the Bible speak for itself. Let the adventure begin.”

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Get My Book: HERE

Get My Book: HERE


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